Plaza Cafe

I’m still making my way through Santa Fe sketches from my recent teaching trip there. This one is from a day we spent on the historic plaza in the centre of town. I always love sketching from parks or squares in the middle of a city since there’s always such a variety of subjects to choose from — people, trees, statues, architecture, urban details like lampposts and ornate benches, arts & crafts vendors, musicians and food carts, if you are lucky. And because of all the activity, you can remain fairly invisible if you are a self-conscious sketcher. I chose the Plaza Cafe as my morning demo because I loved the leaning bike and the waiters in their white shirts and bow ties. And if you’re hungry after sketching, stop in there for a bite too. The food was great.

5 Comments on “Plaza Cafe”

  1. Laura Kate says:

    I like it too!


  2. Mark says:

    Nice!. I was up in Santa Fe this past weekend, wandering the shops around the Plaza. Would like to see you do a sketch/painting of the Indian vendors along the Palace of the Governors Shari. I want to do one one day, but not yet. Not skilled enough.


    • Thanks Mark. I was thinking of drawing those vendors when I was on my own, but it was hard to have a whole class across the plaza from them. There are so many vendors on that side of the plaza. I will do it next time though!


  3. Nice painting of the plaza, you really captured the people on the patio, ahh and a lone bike. I really like the bright colours in this.


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