Monday afternoon by the lake

Lac St. Louis does not look nearly as tropical as I made it seem today. You might think I’m in Bermuda, but I’m not. It’s just that I used some Prussian blue in my mix for the water, and that gives it a sort of turquoise tint which might be more appropriate for a tropical setting. When I’m painting sky and water, I never use just one blue. I often dip into Cerulean, Cobalt, Ultramarine and, like today, sometimes a bit of Prussian. The mix that I get is a bit more rich and complex than using a single pigment, and if you adjust the proportions, can even evoke a more exotic locale.

18 Comments on “Monday afternoon by the lake”

  1. Lori Zajic says:


    Lori Bryan Zajic

    All Things Interior Live Beautiful! Sent from my iPhone



  2. Denise says:

    Love the brush work in the water! Magical


  3. De says:

    Beautiful painting! The prussian blue looks wonderful!


  4. Donna R says:

    Wow Shari, “You are the Bomb” (as my grandchildren would say) The painting just takes me to that beautiful place!
    Thank you, Donna


  5. Mary Marple says:

    What a beautiful color blue you got for the water! Great painting.


  6. Rene says:

    Es bueno experimentar con otros colores azules. Me gustó mucho tu sketch. Felicidades.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    What a peaceful scene. Wish i were there. Looks almost like early morning.Larger strokes on the water are very lovely.


  8. Nice painting of Lac St Louis and the marina. From what I have heard, and seen, the waters of the Great Lakes is getting clearer with less silt, which is making the water more of an Aqua colour than it ever was before. I’ve seen Aqua Beaches in Lake Ontario. So maybe you could just say the Biology of the water in Canada is changing and not just using the Wrong Palette! Water is always a tricky subject with so many colours, reflections, broken reflections etc. Good Job.


  9. kathlehm says:

    Lovely painting!  I follow your sketchbook and enjoy all of your work.  Kathy O


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