All that is blooming

Just before the rain, I went out to the garden and cut down almost everything in bloom — a few perennials from the beds in front and in back, and for contrast, a few red geraniums from containers on my deck. Sadly, it left me with a bare outdoor garden, but that will fill in again soon enough. The harvest of blooms was too much to fit in one vase so I spread out the wealth amongst several glass containers, and added a white mug, again for contrast. I was so excited to paint this giant mass of colour that I forgot to even tape my paper to a board, but it didn’t matter much. A couple of bulldog clips did the job. Painted on a 16″ x20″ sheet of Arches CP 140 lb.

26 Comments on “All that is blooming”

  1. Luis Vaz says:

    Sim, é uma das Sketchers que sigo assiduamente. 😊
    Luís Vaz


  2. Carol Bly says:

    I love receiving your posts 💕 Such a beautiful painting of flowers! I love your work!

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  3. What a haul! And what a lovely painting of your bounty!




  4. Denise says:

    A beautiful garden-indoors and out!


  5. TonyU says:

    Wow! Beautiful Shari! And I’m guessing the original maybe looks even better.


  6. Carol Bly says:

    Such a beautiful painting! 💕 Smart to cut them and bring them in. I love your work!


  7. Carol Cooney says:

    Shari, Is the yellow flower, verbascum? It look like the same plant we have here, I have been following you for years,seldom leave a comment, but love your work.


    • HI Carol,
      That yellow flower is actually Yellow Loosestrife. It looks a lot like Verbascum, so I can see why you thought it might be that.
      Thanks for those kind words. It’s really nice to hear from you.


  8. yvonnefcarpentergmailcom says:

    Looks gorgeous! Did you honestly leave that tiny little bead of white for the vase rim, or did you use a white gel pen or white guache/wc straight from the tube at the end? I dont think I have ever seen you use a gel pen…. Wondering how you did that fantastic rim! Of course the bouquets look fantastic – i always zoom in and try to “reverse-engineer your approach!!


    • HI Yvonne. Thanks for having a look! I actually left all the whites in this. When you have a good brush, it is actually possible. It’s also easier when you’re working on a larger surface, because the spots of white are that much bigger. I do have a gel pen in my sketch bag but don’t really use it for large paintings. If anything, I use a few dots of Titanium White watercolour.


  9. susie says:

    Always love your flowers!


  10. Maria Hager says:

    wow – what a lovely summer symphony! incredibly beautiful!


  11. This looks so cheerful and lovely. I love how you spread the flowers out into different vases.


  12. Nice paintings of the flowers, an entire garden in a vase. I really like your use of bold, almost primary colours, and the neutral greys in the background.


  13. Northern Traveller says:

    Wow! Fantastic job – I especially like the work on the glass containers and stems – so hard to do.
    You could practically be a florist with this bounty !!!!!


  14. Mary Marple says:

    What a beautiful array of color – love your enthusiasm and ideas. You are so inspiring! Good luck with your trip and teaching.



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