Stuff on my desk

During my Zoom call with Suhita this week, I did a sort of mindless drawing with my Kakimori brass nib dip pen while we chatted. Turns out Suhita was drawing with the same pen. I hadn’t really planned what I was going to draw during our call, but that pen, a sketchbook, and a bottle of ink, are always on my desk. They’re there in case I catch Alice in a good pose after a walk, or if I am on endless hold with tech support for something or other (usually the phone company!), or if I just need to take a break from doing stuff on my computer for a bit.

Here’s another one from a day when Alice had come in from a walk and I needed a work break too.

15 Comments on “Stuff on my desk”

  1. Gracie Afridi says:

    I love my Kakimori pen! I bought when you posted that you bought yours. ☺️
    I don’t always post comments, but I want you to know how my little heart beats faster when I see a new post from you. I enjoy every picture that you post and also I learn so much from your teaching videos. I buy every one of them.
    Thank you!
    Grace Afridi


  2. Carol says:

    so many lovely drawings of your dog Alice you have done.. My old Lab never liked me drawing her. She could be sound asleep and would realize i was drawing her and she would either leave the room or make sure to keep changing her position and throwing me a dirty look. lol


    • Carol, Alice is very accommodating. She just like to be where I am, and as long as she has been out for a good walk, she will pose for me. But if it’s close to dinner time, forget about it! I will get the dirty looks too.


  3. Marion says:

    Fascinated by this Kakimori pen. Went in the website- how much is ¥3700? Please and thank you.


  4. Alison Hall says:

    I am loving the quality of your line work with this pen. It has an animated character that really suits your style of drawing. Do you find you are drawing any differently with it? I realize dipping already changes the approach a bit.


  5. Lori Zajic says:

    Truly AMAZING 🤩

    Lori Bryan Zajic

    All Things Interior Live Beautiful! Sent from my iPhone



  6. Irene Reinhold says:

    Sweet Shari. I love the Alice drawings always. Cooking here in the Hammer. Hopefully Montreal is cooler. Irene

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. Lori Zajic says:

    At that price, does it draw for you?😁


  8. Barber III Floyd (Harley) says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful drawing. I love the lines that your Kakimori brass nib pen makes. Is it available in the US?


  9. that nib seems to call for endless line doesn’t it? I love that you have alice right by you to draw❤️


  10. Great hatching on your “stuff.” Alice looks very comfy!


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