Sunday at the pond

After all the rain in Montreal, there’s a heat wave to keep us complaining. Walking outside is like entering a steamy sauna. I found a bit of shade and a cool breeze near the lake, and set up at the pond outside the Baie d’Urfe Town Hall. The pond is actually covered in some sort of tree pollen but I took a little artistic license and left it out. As prep for teaching at Madeline Island in a few weeks, I’m practicing water and reflections. My workshop is called Red Rocks and Emerald Waves: Capturing the Rugged Shores of Madeline Island. There were no red rocks at the pond, and the water wasn’t really emerald, but it was close enough. And there was a big fat frog under one of the lily pads. Painted in direct watercolour (no pencil or pen) in an Etchr Perfect Sketchbook.

5 Comments on “Sunday at the pond”

  1. Elaine White says:

    Practicing those lily pads for next year in Giverney, too? I’m coming


  2. Lori Zajic says:

    Always an inspiration!

    Sent from my iPad Lori Bryan Zajic All things interior



  3. Nice painting of the pond, it looks very “loose” I really like how you added an Aqua Blue pigment to the water, and the golden greens in this painting.


  4. Love the color of the water and the dark reflections. Super painting!


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