The other side of the bouquet

This bouquet from Lutaflore was really quite spectacular when I picked it up last week — full of showy lilies and dahlias. But I can never paint showy flowers. I prefer the softer, faded ones, so I had to be patient. I waited until all the colours softened a little, and even then I turned the vase around until the showy flowers were in the back and the quiet ones faced me.

As for where these come from, I am really quite fortunate to have connected with Maryse Hudon this year. She grows all of these flowers in her backyard, and each time I go there she gives me a tour of the garden and her studio. It’s a real treat to see what she picks and how she puts together the bouquets. Next time I go, I hope to sketch there too.

4 Comments on “The other side of the bouquet”

  1. laura33 says:

    absolutely gorgeous! love how you handled the background too!


  2. Riseup Admin says:

    I love this!

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  3. susie langley says:

    Very interesting and beautiful boquet.


  4. Bernadette says:

    The greens are stunningly beautiful! Always such a challenge for me so I appreciate a well done study featuring a backdrop of green to highlight the delicate purples. Thank you for sharing.


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