Summer car sketching

It was one of those perfect days on the lake. Not much wind, good reflections, puffy clouds, and free parking in the right spot facing my favourite boats. I know, I know. Painting in my car in the middle of summer does sound a bit strange. I could have set up an easel outside. But after all these years of painting in my car, it really is the most comfortable place for me to paint, even in summer. I can easily lean a quarter sheet like this on my steering wheel and it does help to have that support when I paint all the masts and rigging. And with the windows open and a breeze coming off the lake, it’s rather pleasant.

I’ve been using a few new Da Vinci travel brushes which I will list in an upcoming blog post, but the new favourite is this one: the Casaneo Inlaid liner travel brush. It’s a synthetic brush with a fine point and a fat belly to hold lots of wash. It’s great not only for rigging but also wonderful for all the small details on the boats themselves.

26 Comments on “Summer car sketching”

  1. Lori Zajic says:

    So GORGEOUS!!!! 🙂 LORI



  2. Donna Ramirez says:

    So beautiful Shari!
    Makes me want to go to visit some water.

    Thank you, Donna


  3. De says:

    That’s such a beautiful painting!


  4. Chris Rusk says:

    It is always “all there” that is, whenever I view your paintings – especially when water is involved! Thanks for ‘today’ it’s gorgeous 🙂


  5. Linda says:

    So beautiful!! The sky, the water, the boats! I guess I’m trying to say the painting is awesome!


  6. Pam W says:

    This is gorgeous.. I love painting sailboats
    Yours are wonderful!


  7. Bernadette says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Looks like painting from the front seat of your car was a great idea!
    Since subscribing to your blog, I carry a sketchbook and paint supplies in the front panels of my car. Sometimes I sketch or paint before shopping or before returning home after work. It’s not a daily practice but this is such a good idea…just in case. Thanks for sharing your art and adventures in painting.


    • Bernadette, I love reading that you carry your sketchbook with you in the car. I don’t have a set that I keep in the car but I should do that too. It does happen that sometimes we stop for gas or at a drive-through for coffee, and that would come in handy, wouldn’t it?? Just in case, as you say.


  8. Erma says:

    Just beautiful!


  9. Susanne says:

    You’re the queen of boats, Shari! And trash cans. I absolutely love your paintings!


  10. Carol Cooney says:

    The water looks so inviting you could easily jump right in. Love the detail on the boats.I really look forward to your posts.


  11. Iona says:

    Gorgeous, so summery! Can I ask which blues you used for the sky and water? Just that it looks like there’s more granulation in the sky, so I wondered if they were different blues.
    And I am in awe that you can do a quarter sheet propped up on the steering wheel, the logistics confound me – you must push the seat way back to have room to swing your brush. Amazing!


    • Thanks so much Iona. For the sky and water, I used a mix of Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue and a bit of Prussian. I added a little more Prussian for the water. If I use only Cerulean, it is too granulating and sometimes that can get distracting, which is why I combine a few blues.
      As for doing a quarter sheet in the car, I’ve been doing that for over ten years so I have a lot of practice : )


      • Iona says:

        Thank you for explaining that Shari, that makes sense. It’s so beautiful! Keep up the good work! 🙂


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