Back of the sheet

It’s a good year for Echinacea. Last year they barely bloomed, and when they did open they were stunted or barely had any petals. I have no idea why. But this year they are much improved, and as they flower next to the Liatris and the Veroncastrum, the bees are having a party. Sketched on a pad of Arches, on the back of painting that didn’t work out as it should.

17 Comments on “Back of the sheet”

  1. Wonderful view of the flowers! I like the color and the placement of them which helps your eyes travel around the page. Well done!


  2. Grace says:

    Our hibiscus is also doing well this summer!

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  3. De says:

    I’m always impressed how you paint the garden. It’s so cheery!


  4. Lynn Bowen says:

    I love these, and the recent daisies! I’m curious about how you tackled the foliage. Can you share a bit about your technique?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Lynn, thanks for having a look. I did a lot of negative painting with both of these. I painted a lighter background wash and then I just paint around the lighter areas if leaves and stems with a darker wash. I think I will have to do a video demo of this since I get asked this quite often.


  5. Denise says:

    I think I will just “plant” one of your paintings in my garden! No matter how I try, I can never grow Echinacea flowers. Now I’m in awe of your gardening skills as well as your painting superiority!


    • Denise, I will send you some seeds for this one!!
      I thought Echinacea was fairly easy to grow. Here in Montreal it’s abundant in everyone’s gardens, so I assumed it would work well everywhere in the Northeast. I guess I was wrong.


  6. Mimi says:

    I cannot see the painting but have been having trouble with this email address lately.
    Can you please delete it from your mail
    And add this other that is more reliable
    Thank you
    I love your work, especially the tree you draw every year


  7. Barbara Keeling says:

    I’m wondering a bit about your process for the echinacea painting.  Assuming you did the blossoms first, then lighter greens and then filled in the greens in background.  Love the way it looks and am doing similar stuff so just getting ideas.  Is there a course that covers this kind of thing?Thank you,Barbara Keeling


  8. Barbara W says:

    Beautiful painting and planting, Shari ! I wish I could grow purple coneflowers here in Brooklyn, but after only one successful season, I’ve been repeatedly foiled by Aster Yellows disease, a bacterium spread by leafhoppers that affects many plant species and results in stunted and distorted plants. No known cure. (Sigh !)


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