A green dumpster and a new newsletter

In between two errands yesterday, and with only a few minutes to spare, I continued my experimentation with my bent nib pen. I was hoping to see a few boats from my parking spot at the boatyard but instead this bright green dumpster caught my eye. And the only thing better than sketching a good dumpster is sketching a good dumpster with a puddle in front it it.

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you know that I occasionally review new products or talk about art books I like, along with posting all of my daily sketches. I’ve been thinking lately that it might be useful to launch a proper newsletter where I can gather all of that info in one place. I’m launching it tomorrow.

Although it will certainly contain some stuff you’ve already see here on my blog, there will be some new content as well. For example, I’m often asked about my favourite watercolour books, and this will be the ideal place to feature some of those. As well, new art materials sometimes end up in my sketching bag (like the Fude pen, above), so I’ll be able to write a bit more in depth about how I use them.

I can’t say with any certainty about how often the newsletter will come out. I’m aiming for once a month but with travel workshops, that might be difficult, so I’ll leave the dates open for now. I’m excited about this new project and I’ll be gathering material even when I’m away.

And as for the name of the newsletter, there was only one obvious choice: The Wheelbarrow. It had to be based on my favourite sketching subject which, in its heyday, was also a repository for loads of stuff.

The only way to get this newsletter is to be on my mailing list. Here’s a link to subscribe.

30 Comments on “A green dumpster and a new newsletter”

  1. Lori Zajic says:

    LOVE the Wheelbarrow idea!!! Looking forward to it:) Best, Lori



  2. Donna Skelcy says:

    Looking forward to the newsletter. Eager to know which books you find most helpful or that you really enjoy.


  3. Denise says:

    Great news! And good luck with this new adventure. I’ve no doubt that it will be well received. Can’t wait to read it!


  4. Ginny says:

    What fun! Thanks, Shari!


  5. Patricia Spencer says:

    If we received this, we are subscribed. Right? Looking forward to it. Pat Spencer

    Sent from my iPhone



  6. Mary Eastwood says:

    What a great name! Your recommendations from travelling to each place for plein air would be great content too. I enjoy reading about your daily paintings & your workshops are very informative. Thank you for all that you do!


    • Thanks Mary. What specifically do you hope to find out from my travels and from plein air painting? I would love to have specifics. I do hope to post some stuff after I go to Montana next week.


  7. TonyU says:

    Love the idea … and the title!


  8. Diane says:

    Looking forward to it!


  9. rosjenke says:

    I just received and read the Wheelbarrow. What wonderful newsletter. You are such an inspiration and extremely generous. I really admire your talent and passion for painting. Thank you for all you share with us mere mortals.


  10. monique says:

    I agree I enjoyed my newsletter.!I have that book:)Too bad I ‘m not even close yet ..:) I was tempted by that pen..but a dustbuster was a must..soon!Thank you for the letter and I have Chromium green on my mind..


  11. Gail Jones says:

    I always like reading your posts and hearing about new products would be great!


  12. Iona says:

    Wow, love this sketch – those greens are just fabulous and that pen looks so much fun. I have a couple of the inexpensive Sailor fude pens and they have worked for me so far but are really a bit long for my sketching bag. Funny, I had actually put chromium green into a palette filled with some oddball pigments that I wanted to try out and am getting to know it.
    Great idea about the newsletter, (perfect title!), I got it this morning. Thanks for all that you share.


  13. Ginny says:

    Just read the premiere issue of The Wheelbarrow, what fun! I have several of Charles Reid’s books, but not the one on flowers, so off to the big A I went and ordered a used copy. I have some of his instructional dvds and he mentions using chromium oxide green. I have a tube somewhere and will have to play with it now. I never knew what to do with it, but you have given me some ideas. Thank you for The Wheelbarrow!


    • Hi Ginny. Maybe it was in one of Charles Reid’s other books that I saw Chromium Oxide. I was pretty sure he has used it at some point. And I’m so glad you found a used copy of the book. There seem to be copies around to be had. So happy you enjoyed The Wheelbarrow!!


  14. Susanne says:

    I love this sketch, Shari! And congratulations to “The Wheelbarrow”! Thanks for sharing your endless knowledge with us. Much appreciated!


  15. Elias Traboulsi says:

    Hi Shari

    You probably do not remember me. I took a class with you in Amsterdam and signed up for a couple of your webinars. I have been receiving and enjoying your blog emails for a long time. I look forward to the newsletter. Here is a watercolor of a wheelbarrow that I have painted recently. For your enjoyment (hoping you will like it!).

    Take care and keep it coming!

    Congratulations on your wonderful body of work and your successes!! and thanks for all your teachings.


    Sent from Outlookhttp://aka.ms/weboutlook


    • Hi Elias,
      It’s so nice to hear from you! I remember that Amsterdam experience very well. It was like an oven in the city.
      Unfortunately I can’t see your wheelbarrow. I’m not sure if you can upload images in the comments. Is there another way I can see this?


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