Livingston, Montana

The town of Livingston, Montana is my kinda town. Besides the very warm welcome we received from the Livingston Business District Association, we also discovered that it has a great main street, interesting and detailed buildings to sketch, top-notch coffee, and most importantly, a ton of vintage signs that are obviously lovingly-maintained and cherished by the town. We spent a morning sketching them. I didn’t finish the page in my sketchbook, but that’s fine because it means I have to go back there.

We also spent the afternoon on Main Street sketching people, cars and storefronts — including Tru North Coffee. It was a quiet day in town but I managed to sketch one guy while he waited for his family to join him outside.

As I mentioned, it was pretty quiet in town, so our group made the front page of The Livingston Enterprise. In the photo, you can see why I like the place: benches AND wide sidewalks that are shaded most of the day. Ideal conditions for urban sketchers!

12 Comments on “Livingston, Montana”

  1. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Thanks for the pics of Livingston, a small town with a big feel! Several very popular artists used to live there as well as some excellent writers so I visited more than once and walked the streets hoping to encounter one! No such luck! Have a great time and be sure to visit the cafe by the railroad tracks near the Tourist Bureau. Good food and nice atmosphere. Frank


  2. Just love those vintage signs!


  3. What fun! And what an interesting town to discover. You really had a wonderful variety of subject matter for the workshop.




  4. How great that there is so much color in the signs and shop fronts. Looks like a great and friendly place to visit.


  5. timdada says:

    Hi Shari,

    I have to tell you, that article in the Livingston Enterprise caught my eye:

    “Scientists Use Stem Cells to create synthetic mouse embryos”.

    Move over Bay Area. Get ready for Montana. Yikes!



  6. Judy Sopher says:

    I am loving your paintings and descriptions of Montana. We lived in North Dakota for 13 yrs. but never visited Montana. So I am enjoying it thru your eyes.


    • Thanks Judy. It was a gorgeous place! But I’m sure you had some beautiful vistas in North Dakota too!


      • Judy Sopher says:

        Actually, the east part of ND was pretty flat without vistas. We did have the Red river of the North. Was lovely in winter with snow on the fields.

        I think the west side of ND is different. You have seen more of the United States than I ever will.


  7. mcammeehan says:

    Love this and inspired to check out Montana!


  8. R Wilkinson says:

    A cool town and front page news…can’t beat that.


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