Livingston lane

I’ve always loved views down lanes and alleys in different cities. Montreal’s lanes are wonderful in summer when you can get a peek into people’s gardens, but even better in winter after a snowfall when the shadows come down the fences and across the ground. In Livingston, Montana, I discovered some great lanes and back alleys too, but the views are a little different than in my city. There’s often a backdrop of mountains and occasionally some unexpected structures like this wooden grain elevator right in the middle of town. I painted this in Payne’s Grey and Lemon Yellow, which makes a beautiful green, and hopefully from this I will do a larger, full-colour watercolour.

17 Comments on “Livingston lane”

  1. That’s going to be a great painting!




  2. De says:

    That is quite impressive to see that much green and look so good! I’m in awe.


  3. jeremc1maccom says:

    Great combo of paynes grey and 🍋
    So much to learn


  4. Love the combo of colors. Nicely done!!


  5. Bernadette says:

    Love every thing about this lovely, lovely watercolor. Composition is great and THAT GREEN is OUTSTANDING!


  6. Robert Chassé says:

    Very interesting the mixture of Payne’s Grey and Lemon Yellow. I really beautifull when colors selected are simplified and focus is on values.


  7. Marilyn H says:

    Wow! Would have never thought of that combination, but it certainly works. Will have to try it! Beautiful painting Shari.


  8. Mary says:

    I love the greens.
    Do you ever offer workshops in Montreal? I live in the finger lakes region. If you have a better way to contact you, you could let me know. I do have several of your online classes and I like your teaching style.



  9. Northern Traveller says:

    This is so original and fresh – well done! xo


  10. Connie renaud says:

    The green is beautiful . I love it.



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