Ink drawings and a new demo

It’s not a day for sketching outside (freezing rain and icy roads!) so I set up a few things to draw on my drafting table. First some clementines — I was about to eat them and then noticed how beautiful they were — and then my grandmother’s assorted silverware. I’m not sure why this combo of things seemed to go together, but I guess the curves of the fruit and the rigidity of the flatware made a nice contrast on my sketchbook spread.

In Montreal, the snow has all but disappeared, but I will get back to painting snow scenes soon. I see snowflakes on my weather app and I can’t wait for it to be white again here. In the meantime, there are a few new options on my website if you want to paint snow. “Winter Woods & Stream” is my newest one-hour demo that’s on sale this week (you may have seen it when it was streaming on the CSPWC website last year) and if you are really ambitious, have a look at “Bundle Up for Winter“, three winter courses bundled together at 20% off.

9 Comments on “Ink drawings and a new demo”

  1. Rita Cleary says:

    Shari…you know I love your style and how you make such beautiful sketches and paintings, often out of “ordinary” scenes and objects (always making them look better in the painting). But I must laugh at your anticipation of MORE SNOW. OK…maybe it’s nice for painting…but I am more than happy for a mild, snowless winter…no shoveling, can get out when I need to, parking spaces are not blocked with piles of it, etc. I mean, I don’t want to move to Florida either, so I’ll take what we get, if reluctantly at times. and now that I say that, I should go PAINT SOMETHING. Ha Ha

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    • HI Rita. You made me laugh!! Can you believe that even when I was in Florida last year, a teeny tiny part of me was wishing I was back in Montreal painting snow? Of course I don’t love shovelling, or walking Alice on icy streets, and I really don’t like being cold, but there is something so magical about trying to convey winter in watercolour. So yes, bring on the snow, haha.

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  2. Denise says:

    You’re right, flatware and clementines do go together! Can I ask what color you used to make those clementines pop? So fresh and bright


    • Thanks Denise. For the colour: the top clementine is coloured with ink. The orange is Noodler’s Apache Sunset, and the green is a Winsor & Newton ink in bright green. The bottom clementine has watercolour on it. It’s from a palette I have of St. Petersburg White Nights paints. They’re very bright and great for food illustrations.

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  3. I love how you made the two colorful, bright clementines contrast with the other sketches. It looks great this way! I can understand your desire for snow. It is so much fun to paint. We haven’t really had more than a dusting of snow, but I will go out in my mobile studio to capture it on paper when it arrives. Luckily my car is in the garage and I can go out and come back without getting out of my car. Hope you get your wish soon!

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  4. Good Morning, beloved friend Shari,

    Apologies for my absence for such a long duration. Frankly speaking, lazier and a bit Busy. I have all your art emails archived. I will respond to all one by one. Once again apologies for my delay in putting my comments.
    All the best and good luck.
    God bless you and your family.

    With my blessings,
    Your dearest friend and well-wisher


  5. Tami says:

    Love the vignette nature of this! Did you use soft pencil and or ink pen for this? Just purchased the winter ‘Bundle’ and look very forward to going through this and applying it to local scenes where I am! Many thanks~

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  6. mojcae says:

    Beautiful🙏🌷✨. Kind regards from Europe.


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