So bleak

Slushy. Drippy. Bleak.

A Montreal winter is so beautiful when the air is cold and the snow is pristine. But when it warms up, or worse, starts to rain, everything turns to mush. Today even the silos were dripping.

On a day like this it’s difficult to know what to paint. There’s an overall greyness to everything. No plays of light and shadow. And it’s hard to pick out details in the flatness. So it becomes more of a study in values, of finding the lights, the darks and the midtones.

Silos on a bleak day

2 Comments on “So bleak”

  1. John Wright says:

    good job of a grey day.

    I wonder if you might have ‘adjusted’ the height of the silos to assist the perspective. i, myself, am a slave to what I see, but it seems its ok to recompose a bit.


    • Thanks John. No, I didn’t adjust them. One is shorter and fatter than the other. I am not so much of a slave to what I see because I do eliminate a lot of stuff. But in this case the silos were good as is.


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