Old pole new pole

One of the frustrations with painting in your car is that once you pick your scene and set yourself up someone can park in front of you. That’s what happened today. I drew this scene in Pointe Claire village and then a big van parked right in front of me. So I added the van into my drawing. Then I started to paint the sky and the van driver came back and drove away. So I erased the van. And then just as I was starting to paint the road another van parked there. And so this is what I remember of the reflections on the road.

Old pole new pole

6 Comments on “Old pole new pole”

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Shari,

    I think that I just found out what I love so much about your paintings… it is your point of views! They are so interesting. The way that you crop your images, is outstanding. Way to go Shari…


    • Thanks so much Jane. I did this one on a sheet of Fabriano watercolour paper instead of in my sketchbook. It felt good to work on a bigger size sheet… This is my practice for workshops because if I work in my sketchbook no one will be able to see what I do.


  2. John Wright says:

    …what Jane said
    there is a graphic quality to the puddles that is almost mesmerizing


  3. Vicky says:

    Love those reflections and the sunlight reflecting on the melting snow. The different directions of the lines and arrows are fun too, without being too busy. It’s a really enjoyable painting!


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