Skyscrapers ‘n everything

Testing, testing. This is the first time I post remotely using the camera on my iPhone and the WordPress app. And the wi-fi in my hotel room. If this works send me a comment to let me know.


14 Comments on “Skyscrapers ‘n everything”

  1. Jane says:

    Yes it worked Shari 😉


  2. Joan Shouldice says:

    It worked, but it looked like you were working on pale grey-blue paper. Were you?


  3. Tim Mooney says:

    Maybe the paper is supposed to be white?
    If so when remote email yourself the pic from the iPhone. Open in PS then set the paper to white in the Levels using the white eyedropper. Save for web then send back to the iphone as an attachment to post to WP from iPhone.
    Otherwise use the PS app if no PS/lappy handy.


  4. Sonia Hawes says:

    yes it works, I love your sketches and look forward to their arrival in my inbox!


  5. Tim Mooney says:

    Great. I think that city scape is great. Looks like they have two gigantic Weber BBQ cookers on those roof tops. What are those ‘things’?


  6. John Wright says:

    Those ‘things’ are water towers for fire suppression. I’m always amazed at these funny tanks up on new york towers. Thats what I would have been drawn to draw.


  7. Thanks for replying for me John. I didn’t know what they were but I figured they held water.


  8. Andrew says:

    I see this monument almost every day of my life! It’s oddly touching to see someone render it with such care… Thanks!


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