Six dollar squash

It’s getting to be squash time at the market. This probably should have been titled Six Dollar Pumpkin but it just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Six Dollar Squash

7 Comments on “Six dollar squash”

  1. Ross C says:

    I like this sketch… clean, crisp and (I assume) quite quick… I am practising my alliterations.
    Now a serious question (for a change)… today’s post is obviously a sketch… and there are times when you post what are obviously paintings… and then you post everything in between… but, what makes them sketches or paintings and where is the dividing line? That question isn’t too difficult for a clever girl like you, is it?


    • I don’t really know where the dividing line is. This one was done on 15 minutes so this is obviously a sketch. And it’s in a sketchbook.
      The Victorian house or the park kiosk that I did in Carre St. Louis are done on paper and those took over an hour each so those are paintings. And neither has any pen lines.
      But where does “les Grands Voiliers” fit in? It has ink lines, it is done on paper and it took close to two hours to complete. I don’t know the answer.


      • Ross C says:

        I was really hoping you had an answer, because I certainly don’t. I don’t think it is whether it is in a book or on a sheet, or whether you used a pen with the watercolour, or the size, or how long it took, or how much detail there is… and I tried googling but that didn’t help. So, I’m counting on some more words of wisdom from you?


      • Well how about if we take them one by one? Is today’s market scene a sketch or a painting? I think this one is a painting.


      • Ross C says:

        Yup! That’s a painting… and a really good one!


  2. freekhand says:

    Brilliant (in all senses). I love how you change your palette when you make this kind of still life close ups.


    • Thanks Miguel! I guess for these quick sketches I just lay down bigger areas of flat colour rather than trying to do a lot of modeling on the surface of the objects. For this the drawing was 5 minutes and the painting was ten.


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