Église St. Jacques

The Judith-Jasmin pavilion of Université de Québec à Montréal is built around the Église St. Jacques. Marc Holmes and I had originally planned to sketch inside the building today because there’s an interesting view of rue Ste. Catherine from the 7th floor windows, but of course the university was closed because of the Thanksgiving holiday so we ended up drawing from across the street.

Marc did some beautiful ink drawings and this is another try for me with my new Moleskine sketchbook which, although I have not yet and may never master watercolour in this book, is wonderful for pen drawing. I love the smoothness of the paper, the creamy colour, and most of all the fact that because of the stitched binding, it lays flat in the scanner. I will just have to leave my experiments with watercolour for another day.

Eglise St Jacques

8 Comments on “Église St. Jacques”

  1. tmikeporter says:

    You have found that book’s best use. Well done!


  2. Angela T. Macleod says:

    Super details, you captured it for sure.


  3. Ruth says:

    With this moleskin sketchbook, you have produced a magnificent sketch with pen….
    it is wonderful. It reminds me of prints and sketches done in the 19th and early
    20th century when sepia was used. Although the sepia was of a darker hue, this has
    an old world feel about it. I wonder if with this combination, watecolor might take
    away some of the special effects of the creamy background and pen? What a great


  4. julie st-cyr says:

    It is absolutely awesome!!!!! i love it


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