Lunchtime panorama 2

Today at lunch I painted another panorama, this time on Fabriano hot pressed paper from a block. I prefer the one I did last week from the same spot because it was a wider view and the distant buildings were sunlit. Today’s sketch is missing St. Joseph’s Oratory which is the most iconic shape of Montreal’s skyline (along with Cormier’s U of M buildings, of course) when you are looking south. So the plan for next week is to cut a long strip of watercolour paper to the format I want (a long horizontal) and try that.


4 Comments on “Lunchtime panorama 2”

  1. Mary says:

    Such a fresh, crisp clean painting Shari, and not easy with all that intricate detail.
    love your sky and all those beautiful greys too 🙂 may i ask what colours you used?

    • My old standby colours Mary. The yellow in the sky is a mix of New Gamboge and Rose Madder. The clouds are cobalt, rose madder and burnt sienna. Same mix for the buildings, just in darker tones. A bit of sap green thrown in for the greenish areas in the middle. These are the ones that are always in my travel palette so I keep using them again and again.

  2. refarch says:

    love the tonal quality of this, and the touch of yellow in the sky.

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