Watercolor sketching in Historic Montreal: an Urban Sketchers Workshop with Marc Taro Holmes and Shari Blaukopf

Marc Taro Holmes and I have often sketched in Montreal’s most historic neighbourhoods. We are thrilled to be able to offer a summer workshop through the Urban Sketchers Workshop program from August 2-4, 2013.

We’ll begin in the Old Port of Montreal — a historic district of cobbled streets and 400-year old buildings that’s unique in North America for its vibrant French flavor and colorful history. Spend a few minutes in Jacques Cartier Square, the area’s historic and cultural heart, and you’ll understand why. The square teems with cafés and restaurants, with strolling Montréalais and visitors from every corner of the globe.

Venture a few streets over, and you’ll find a quiet, intimate ruelle seemingly untouched by time. Or walk a few blocks south to the quays on the St. Lawrence River, which was the city’s economic and cultural artery connecting Montreal to the Old World. Tall ships are often in port, while the north side of rue de la Commune is lined with Sixteenth and Seventeenth century warehouses that once stored the valuable furs that built the city’s economy.

The workshop will be an introduction to capturing this extraordinary environment by drawing and painting in watercolor en plein air.

I could go on and on about details but it’s all here on the Urban Sketchers workshop site. Or contact me if you want to find out more.


6 Comments on “Watercolor sketching in Historic Montreal: an Urban Sketchers Workshop with Marc Taro Holmes and Shari Blaukopf”

  1. Ross C says:

    So… that’s it? The post today is to consist of an advertisement using two recycled paintings? What has happened to your commitment to “A different drawing every day”? : )

  2. Lee Kline says:

    Of course I am bitter that I cannot participate and learn form you two. Your workshoppers are so lucky. Good luck you guys.

  3. Devosmita Sen says:

    Hi u must be so stoked for this wonderful oppurtunity and teaching students and getting introduced like minded people 😀 . I am so bummed that i cant join ’cause i am in India half way around the world. I give best wishes and I hope u have tons of fun:D

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