I have a small block of Fabriano hot pressed paper, 5″ x 7″, sort of postcard size, that I thought I’d try out today. I figured the small format would help me keep things fast and fresh. And after I painted it, it did look a bit like a postcard from a tropical place. Except for the plastic palms.


4 Comments on “Postcard”

  1. Ross says:

    I love some of the loose and quick sketches that you do… including this one. And, you are right… you do seem to have captured a tropical feel with this… not easy to do when there is still snow under some trees.
    Speaking of trees, are these the same plastic palms about which I may have made some derogatory comments, a long time ago? If it isn’t, let me say that those are awful looking palms! Now, that is a comment on Canadian palm manufacturing… not your drawing. (Just added that so that we don’t have your sensitive and caring followers jumping to your artistic defense… again.)

  2. fredcschmidt says:

    I was going to say, where the heck were you with palms. But mystery solved with commentary above. Still want to see your car studio some day. Have I missed it on a post?

    • No, you haven’t missed the car studio post. I took the photos one day but they were awful so I have to get out there and do it again with a better camera and on a brighter day. I haven’t forgotten!

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