If you go down to the pier in Lachine you’ll often see people fishing near the lighthouse and I’ve often wondered what they are catching. Turns out it’s catfish although nobody ever seems to be reeling anything in. Seems like more of a social club to me — lots of talkin’, smokin’, and hangin’ around.


6 Comments on “Anglin’”

  1. Philip Mizener says:

    That kind of hangin’ would probably be “hang-lin'” – ( I could have resisted the pun,…but didn’t) . Thank you for your joyful observations of every-day – making the common-place come alive.

    • Glad you didn’t resist Philip. I have a good friend who also can’t miss the opportunity to insert puns into every conversation and I was half expecting him to come back with this type of thing. You beat him to the punch. Glad to hear that you enjoy the posts!

  2. Ross C says:

    Deja vu… you painted almost the same scene, just over 12 months ago, to celebrate your 200th post. Looking back, the day looked very similar… same anglers… same bleakness, and you were lamenting about the possibility of snow. However, it looks like your painting has improved… all that daily practice really helps.

    • Yes I did. Good memory Ross. And when I came home I checked just to see if it was coincidentally the same date but it wasn’t.
      I sent this off to Wil Freeborn in Scotland who is doing a postcard trade. Hope he likes it.
      And hope it makes it there undamaged.

  3. I love looking at these sketches; I think there needs to be an advanced “like” button to really appreciate all of the them.

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