Upside down urn

Shadows in the late afternoon change so quickly and in my haste to sketch the beautiful light on the planter I didn’t really think the composition through. I should have placed the object higher on the page and given it some breathing room at the bottom.



Here is a quick and dirty Photoshop correction to illustrate what I mean.


8 Comments on “Upside down urn”

  1. Ross says:

    Confused… I thought that this is what you did every day to fix up your compositions. : )

    • Are you ok Ross? You seem confused quite often lately.

      • Ross says:

        Thank you for your concern.
        I was really sure that I was confused the other day but after hearing your answer I decided that I probably may not have been… and then today I wasn’t as sure if I was confused or if I wasn’t confused but in the end maybe I was… but then again it is possible that I wasn’t… it may have just been confusion about whether or not I was… or wasn’t… if you know what I mean? : )

      • It’s all clear now Ross.

  2. John Wright says:

    great demo Shari. You were born to teach.

  3. adem meywa says:

    Both compositions are good telling different storys. One tells more about the background (could be the mediterranean sea…), and the other a story about whats on the table (could be grapes, sugar, wine, ants…). 😉
    I like both variations. Have a nice week 🙂

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