Blue stripes

When I set out to sketch I usually have some idea of what my subject will be so I don’t waste too much time looking. Today I thought I might draw some of the trees on campus that are just starting to leaf out but when I sat down at a picnic table this guy was having his lunch nearby, a ray of sun cutting across his back. Deep in conversation with a colleague who is hidden behind the tree, I was certain he might remain there for a time, at least long enough for me to get in a quick sketch. Size: 5″ x 7″, Fabriano hot pressed paper.


8 Comments on “Blue stripes”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    You caught him. Lovely use of white space to define his thermos, shirt and the tree. I love it and aspire to it.

  2. Ross says:

    Hmmm… and about time too… finally, a significant person appears in your paintings again. I went all the way back to February to find when you were last including people… except for the back of a lone angler a few days ago and the suggestion of two nuns a while ago. I was beginning to think that all the Montrealers were hiding from you. BTW, you did a great job of capturing the body posture here… even if the guy is wearing strange trousers, with one leg flared.

    • Yes, my New Year’s resolution wasn’t much good, was it? I just hate drawing indoors when the light is poor. This is so much more fun.
      Don’t you have those pants in Australia?? One narrow leg and one wide? You guys are so late in catching on to fashion trends, I guess.

      • Ross says:

        Yeah, right… and this guy looks like such a doyen of Canadian fashion. : )
        Don’t worry about the NY’s resolution… you did so much better than all those people who were going to exercise more this year… at least you made it to February.

  3. nirbhayasindia says:

    Wow! I love this. You are very very good.

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