Kamouraska window

In Kamouraska the river is almost always the subject. This is a sketch I did one day at dusk but never had a chance to post. Now that I have returned home I am taking a bit of time to scan my work and I will be posting a summary of the workshop soon on my Workshops page but for now this is my final post from the prettiest village in Quebec.


19 Comments on “Kamouraska window”

  1. Hi Shari, I just love those blue and green colors

  2. Linda Daily says:

    Shari,I have so enjoyed following your workshop sketches.
    What a beautiful place! Maybe I’ll make it to another of your workshops
    one of these days! Thanks for sharing the demo sketches.

  3. poseixas@yahoo.com says:

    Loved to see the Kamouraska sketches!
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  4. Angie Macleod says:

    Home safe and sound! Thank you for an incredible four days in that beautiful little village of Kamouraska. We take away memories that will last a lifetime! Big and Bold forever!

  5. DorothyRekman says:

    Shari, just want to say thanks again for a great week. I really appreciate you sharing freely all your learnings and techniques and I walked after having learnt a tremendous amount delivered in a thoughtful, comfortable, inspiring way.

    Looking forward to learning more in August. Will be in touch .

    Warm regards, Dorothy

    Sent from my iPad

  6. croquedessin says:

    Nice colours ! Nice view of the river.

  7. Nathalie says:

    Thanks so much Shari for the amazing workshop. You have been very generous, given us great challenges to meet and very insightful comments to help us do better work. Not to mention the beautiful location and the fun group. Your Barcelona participants are going to be very lucky to have you as a teacher.

  8. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari,
    I wanted to thank you for a wonderful week and workshop… I am still reeling from all of the information that we received, and I am starting to process it. Watching you paint is inspiring!

  9. charles says:

    bonjour Shari,

    Merci encore pour les 4 jours intensifs d’aquarelle. C’était bien profitable, j’ai l’impression d’avoir beaucoup appris même si je n’ai pas produit beaucoup sur place. Cela a passé trop vite!
    Concernant les pinceaux Escoda, pourrais-tu me donner la référence exacte du pinceau que tu utilises le plus souvent? Je crois que c’est un no 12, mais il y a plusieurs séries de pinceaux Escoda. Est-ce la série 1212? Merci beaucoup et bon début de semaine!

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