Paint factory

Here’s another sketch of the Tarr and Wonson paint factory in the afternoon light. From a distance you can’t see many details but it has a beautiful silhouette in deep reds and purples and makes a great contrast to the blue and green surroundings. The little lobster boat went by and I decided to quickly add it in but wish I had captured a few more of the details.


5 Comments on “Paint factory”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    How beautiful. I assume the factory is no longer in operation, but it would be fun to explore it.


  2. Ross says:

    I have enjoyed the panoramas from the last two days. But… yes there is a “but”…
    I didn’t say anything about the perspective yesterday because I am happy to recognize artistic licence, but that little blue boat today… are you sure about the scale/location of it? Or were you sailing your toy boat while you were doing your painting? : )


    • Yes, I brought along my toy boat Ross. I hope it fits in my bag for Barcelona too.


      • Ross says:

        That’s right… just what you need for adding that bit of interest… a toy boat for water marine-scapes and a small branch with a some foliage for adding to the top edge of landscapes… they should both be in every artist’s kit bag. : )


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