Cape Pond Ice

If you sit and watch for a while you realize that there is a constant flow of fishing boats filling up at Cape Pond Ice in Gloucester. Across the bay (on the far left in the sketch) there’s the historic Tarr and Wonson paint factory, best known for developing a copper paint used on the bottom of boats to prevent barnacles. I painted this building several times from a distance but never got really close to it like I had hoped to. I have to leave something to sketch for next year!


10 Comments on “Cape Pond Ice”

  1. John Wright says:

    looks to me like you could return frequenly to sketch here for a year.


  2. Fleet Woodley says:

    I really love the atmosphere in this. It feels just like being there looking out across the water. You have really dialed in the blue for the water too – looks so real in relation to everything else.

    ~ Fleetwood


  3. jvishal says:

    hey, I really like your watercolor sketches !!!


  4. I have no words to describe what I feel looking at this sketch. I am a big fan of harbours and bay areas and your sketches take me to that spot, allowing me to sense the smells and feel the air.


  5. Shari – We all like it too, at Cape Pond Ice Company, but with obvious bias. Nice, whimsical representation. Glad that we’re here, to be your subject mater.
    The water colors are great… sky, water, buildings… please come back and paint some more soon. We’re looking forward to Annalei’s help freshening up our website and marketing. Best –


    • HI Scott!
      It’s great to hear from you.
      I had a wonderful week painting and sketching in Gloucester and Rockport and I will be back next year.
      I will certainly do another painting of Cape Pond Ice Company and now that I have your name I will let you know when I post it.
      That was one of my favorite sketches that I did that week but I don’t think it looks as nice on the blog because of the horizontal format.
      Hope to meet you all some day!



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