Pigeon Cove

You can probably guess what attracted me to paint Pigeon Cove. A working fleet of lobster boats, tiny fishing shacks, and a wall of stone as a backdrop. But painting there was hard work. Despite the wall, the wind blew at me the whole time and I spent most of the time muttering to myself and wondering why I had picked this place to paint.


17 Comments on “Pigeon Cove”


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  3. Monique says:

    To make us feel like we were there too.
    I love these scenes.Even the buoys are fave sightings for me.

  4. sefeniak says:

    Another great scene! No wonder you were inspired!

  5. Lee Kline says:

    You make it look easy, BUT, I KNOW DIFFERENTLY! Is Barcelona done and gone or yet to happen?

  6. Tracey says:

    Very pretty ! I love the light airy colors.

  7. rkb665 says:

    Your colors really captured the feel of a summer day!

  8. gogearhart1 says:

    Nice! Great Colors!

  9. Steve Bradley says:

    My parents moved to Rockport (Landmark Lane) in about ’71, and over the course of the following 30 years I visited there dozensdozensdozens of times. Halibut Point was a special favorite, and you portrayed it (and the rest of the area) beautifully. I bopped to your site via a few clicks starting at USk……….and ended up with wonderful images and a trip down memory lane. Many thanks!

    • Hi Steve,
      It’s great to hear about your connection to this very special place. I always love to hear personal stories about places that I sketch. Your famiy name seems to be a popular one in the area because Motif #1 is on Bradley Wharf, isn’t it? Halibut Point is indeed a favourite of mine too. It took me a while to figure out what the magic of the place was. The rocks are so massive, so solid, but the water in the quarry is so still and silent. Somehow you expect big waves to be crashing against these rocks but the only sound is the bird that bathe there. I have plans to return to Rockport every year and now that I know about Halibut Point I will be painting it again.

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