Santa Ana sunflowers

It was a great help today that I had some volunteers to test out my Barcelona workshop. If you don’t know how an Urban Sketchers Symposium works it’s like this: every instructor (there are about 24 of us here from all over the world!) teaches the same three-hour workshop three times over three days. That’s a lot of threes. We also get to attend two sessions with other instructors. And on the afternoon of the last day there’s a giant sketchcrawl somewhere in the city with hundreds of sketchers in attendance. It’s a pretty intense and chaotic three days. With only three hours to share everything I want to with participants, I wanted to make sure my timing and planning were good. Liz and Chris offered to be the guinea pigs and then Gail Wong stumbled upon us and joined in. This trial run was really useful because there was one exercise that wasn’t working and it’s now modified. The help was much appreciated.


5 Comments on “Santa Ana sunflowers”

  1. Fleet Woodley says:

    I’m jealous! Hope you all have a wonderful experience in Barcelona.

    This is just gorgeous. The corner where the walls meet tends to funnel the viewer down to the flowers. The diagonal composition leads to the two figures under the archway, but the intensity of the colors as well as the harder edges and greater contrast tends to pull the wandering eye back to the flowers. And what a great place to rest your eye for a moment!

    ~ Fleetwood

    • Thanks Fleet. It was a lesson in composition as well as colour and value so I’m glad to hear that it works for you. One of these days you need to come to a Symposium!

  2. Verla says:

    Magnifico! It reminds me of when I was teaching secondary school — French in my case, but the third time through usually was the smoothest. Good luck to you. I know all the participants will love you and your lessons.

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