There’s always the onion

Daily drawing is so important to me — it’s a bit like practicing scales — and I have often spent too much time trying to figure out what to draw. But what I draw is not really important, I’ve come to realize. It’s more important that I just get it done, no matter if I have a short time or lots of time to invest. That means that occasionally I end up drawing what I am about to eat or cook, or whatever else is on my kitchen counter.


15 Comments on “There’s always the onion”

  1. Gary Kennedy says:

    Ms Shari Blaukopf:
    I could spend a life time thanking you for all the inspriation you send across the web world with your E-Mail each day on sketching.

    Thank You

  2. Ross says:

    You have come a long way since the cucumber!
    This is really nicely handled… love the sensitive shading and the no-outline approach. And is that a reflection in the benchtop? It adds a lot to the sense of the onion sitting on the bench. I have been told that eggs are the hardest to draw but I have never tried… perhaps you should try drawing your breakfast?

    • That was a bit of a sad cucumber, wasn’t it? That is a reflection on my black countertop. Early on in the life of my blog I did a watercolour sketch of some eggs but it was disastrous and never published. But I have drawn my breakfast leftovers — some grapefruit peels and canteloupe rinds, if I remember correctly.

  3. Ross says:

    Oops… forgot the checkbox.

  4. I don’t like to eat onions, but I like this picture 🙂 You really captured the papery outer skin.

  5. Excellent !

    Thanks Fiona !

  6. Joanna says:

    I’m glad you’ve been drawing vegetables too, I’ve been drawing a courgette all day aha!xx

  7. Lee Kline says:

    Such a lovely drawing. Does drawing speak to us so elementally because our ancestors drew before anything else? My Dear, we have been without our computer for three days. Talk about going into withdrawal! I could not look at your blog (and others, I will admit) and was getting touchy and nervous. Wouldn’t eat, snapped at others. Now the computer is home and I’m all better. Cannot wait to look at more of Shari’s amazing work.

    • What?? You look at other blogs? I can’t bear the thought!

      So glad you are reconnected now Lee and how relieved your family must be now that you are back to your very calm self. I don’t know what I would have done in your situation. So dependent we are on these machines…

  8. Thank you very much for this lesson!

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