The cooler weather in Montreal today is making me think about drawing more indoors, and for some reason I am more attracted to using a pencil rather than the Micron pen. I guess some drawings are more about the contour — in which case the pen is great — but other days the volume of things seems more interesting and then the pencil seems to fit the bill.


5 Comments on “Cuppa”

  1. Peggy Haug says:

    great sketch. I too love pencil sketching, but tend away from it in favor of the percieved impact of w/c, HOWEVER, in the hands of one talented as you are, the medium almost doesn’t matter!

  2. Ross says:

    Now that is a tough subject… a bit like the eggs… all smooth curves, white surfaces, no dark shadows to define the shapes. That means the tones have to be light, very light and white. Good job!
    I still think that eggs in an egg carton (do you have those in Canada?) would be a challenging subject for you… I might even try myself.

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