As a reward for getting through (well, partly through) piles of exams and projects that I have to grade, I took a break for a few minutes to sketch the oranges on my counter. The paper I have in this sketchbook is not the best for watercolour but I like all the blooms and accidents that happen on it.


7 Comments on “Oranges”

  1. Ross says:

    Great sketch! I think uncorrectable mistakes and blooms are what make watercolour so special.


  2. Vicky Porter says:

    Love how you can take something simple like this and turn it into a work of beauty. It’s a good reminder that there is always inspiration nearby.
    Btw, the Urban Sketchers of Portland had a tree focus last weekend. We looked at examples and then went out and tried applying some of the techniques we had seen. Your name and examples came up several times in the discussion. Almost everyone knew about your “big gold tree.”


  3. Hi!
    I just discovered your work and I love it! I am considering making a career change to graphic design. Do you have any suggestions to get started? I just wrote a post about it and then discovered your page. It’s so exciting!! I love the daily post from your sketchbook idea. It has inspired me to pick my sketchbook back up too. The goal of making a post from it everyday seems like it helps build it as a habit because of feeling obligated to make your daily post.
    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks,


    • Hi Corrine,
      Thanks for writing. That’s a big question about graphic design. I studied it in university so that was my start. Then I worked in many design studios as well as advertising agencies. I don’t know what I would tell someone who was new to the field. Just get as much experience as you can and go to school if you can. You make so many connections like that. As for the sketchbook, just get it out and start drawing! The daily exercise really helps.


  4. dezabaleta says:

    Good !


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