Venn diagram

There wasn’t much planning that went into this sketch and that left me with compositional problem. The grapes were the first thing I drew and I went out from there. The bowl, the cutting board, the overlapping shadows… So it wasn’t until I scanned this that I realized that the grapes were right in the middle of the picture. I think this works better with a bit of the top and the left chopped off, but the original is below for you to see.



Here is the original uncroppped image with the grapes in the middle.


10 Comments on “Venn diagram”

  1. Alison says:

    I agree. But I think the technical term is “cropping”as opposed to “chopped off” 😉
    Great colours in all the shadows. Yummy! I love the depth in the bowl achieved with just this few dabs of deep, dark colour. Another great “art lesson in a post”.

    • Yes, I guess I should use the technical term but it is so much less colourful. Today I used some good watercolour paper and it makes such a difference. I think I should just use good paper from now on.

  2. Michelle Paré says:


    I love this sketch… Can you make a big (very large) version of it? Is it possible? What I like is the clean and very graphic shapes, the toned down soft colours of the background and the clean brush strokes of it…

    I could see a big version of it in my modern, “very urban“ dining room (as a friend of mine said a few weeks ago) …

    Could I finally buy a piece of art from you?? :¬)



    Le 2013-11-12 à 15:44, The Sketchbook a écrit :

    > >

  3. Lynn Patten says:

    Just lovely! Color, large spaces, details, straight lines, curves – you’ve got it all. Thank you.

  4. Lee Kline says:

    I agree that the cropped version is best.

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