Mushroom soup

What is mushroom colour? A bit of brown, a bit of blue, a touch of red with a bit of raw sienna thrown in. Luckily I had a lot of these leftover dried washes on my palette today. Perfect for the mushrooms on my counter. Just add a bit of water and reconstitute.


11 Comments on “Mushroom soup”

  1. Dean Mollon says:

    Hi 5
    Everyday I receive your post and just love your drawings and paintings.
    I would love to attend one of your workshops. Are you doing any in B.C.
    in the near future?
    Thanks for the constant inspiration and joy you exalt daily.

    • Hi Dean,
      Thanks so much. Glad you enjoy the posts!
      In fact I will be out in BC in early July. I am giving a workshop in Anacortes, Washington the second week of July and then possibly in Vancouver right before or right after.
      Email me again in the new year and I will try to give you some firm dates.


  2. S. Charto says:

    Beautiful as usual. In a previous post, you said you were looking for fallen trees. Have you ever been to the Westmount bird sanctuary? They only move the trees off the paths and there are plenty of them.

  3. Linda Daily says:

    I love these mushrooms! You do such wonderful things with seemingly simple subjects.
    It is good news that you will be coming west this summer! Portland,maybe?

  4. Alison says:

    If i was told to draw/paint a mushroom I would try to convey the smooth round shape. How boring would that be! These mushrooms reveal their true earthy character. Much more interesting. And what a wonderful study in the variety of subtle greys that can be achieved. I’m off to spritz my palette! 🙂

  5. Anna says:

    dear Shari, I always wanted to tell you I adore your work! I wish I could be able to be at least a little closer to your level.

  6. Lee Kline says:

    Very nice. I hardly ever clean my palette.

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