Comics at the Museum

If you love illustration and you have a chance to get to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the next few months, a show that you must see is “Comics at the Museum.” My students and I spent a few hours there today with our sketchbooks and I will definitely go back before it closes at the end of March.

The show has an interesting premise. Fifteen illustrators from the publishing house La Pastèque have each chosen a work from the museum’s permanent collection and then created an original panel based on the work. The talent of these 15 artists is rich,varied and very witty. The pieces they chose for inspiration cover a wide range of styles and periods —  a classic Eames chair, an Inuit sculpture, a Colville painting, an Italian poster — and that’s what makes the exhibition so much fun.

It took the students a while to figure out the connection between the art objects and the illustrations and for many of them it was their first time at the museum.  I have to admit I was pretty thrilled to see many of them drawing for a full hour. Some drew the objects like I did, some drew bits of the illustrations and, in typical teenager fashion, some saw what there was to see in the first five minutes and promptly disappeared.



5 Comments on “Comics at the Museum”

  1. Ross says:

    I like all these collections of fast little graphic sketches… the idea of capturing the essence of a subject in just a few minutes really appeals to me.
    And, knowing what I was like as a teenager, I would have been out of there in much less than 5 minutes. : )

  2. Great captures of each piece, and of course, I’m partial to the cyclist!

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