Eternal optimist that I am, I hope that tomorrow I will be able to turn this sketch into a painting. There isn’t much detail in this but I have figured out the big shapes, the areas of light and dark, and the dominant colour (green). Working this size (smaller than a postcard) really helps me focus on the big decisions without getting lost in the details. Using a big brush helps as well. Stay tuned for part two.


12 Comments on “Stargazer”

  1. Ross says:

    Looking forward to part two… sequels are always tricky. My only suggestion is to not stiffen up… keep it loose, which is what is very appealing in this first sketch.

    • Oh no! A whole bunch of comments left unanswered. Well, I never got to the painting but just because the lilies died doesn’t mean it is not going to happen. Maybe it’s better to just work from my little sketch.

  2. John Bartoldus says:

    I always read and sometimes print out your postings to learn from you like I did in Montreal. Lest you think we are all just ooo-ing and awe-ing your works, which we do, we also learn from you for which I’m grateful. xo Jacques

  3. Lee Kline says:

    I love this. This is so juicy and immediate… I know if I came up with a “sketch” this good, I would think twice about trying for something better. Thanks for posting. Never stop.

  4. sefeniak says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the end result as Stargazer Lilies are one of my favorites!

  5. dezabaleta says:

    Different !

  6. Tom Hoffmann says:

    I’m pretty sure this is a proper painting. I don’t feel like there’s anything missing. Do you think if it were much bigger, with the same number of strokes, it would need elaboration? That’s always a puzzle for me.

    • I have had so many discussions over the past year or two about what is a sketch and what is a painting. I guess in this case what makes it a sketch for me is that I plan to do it again, just bigger. And hopefully just as loose.
      Another angle on the sketch/painting dilemna is this: I often paint in sketchbooks so does that make them sketches or paintings? If I paint on a loose sheet it seems less like a sketch and more like a painting. I guess it is still a puzzle for me too.

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