Dirty shoes

Why are shoes so interesting to draw? For me they have almost as much character as the people who wear them and they often have a story to tell about where they’ve been, which in this case is within close proximity to a lawn mower. When I don’t have a chance to get outside to draw they are usually the most interesting objects in my house. I used three different pencils for this dirty shoe drawing: a carbon pencil for the deep blacks, a 9B Cretacolor for the rough textured bits and a mechanical pencil for the fine lines. The mix of all three seemed to suit the subject.


15 Comments on “Dirty shoes”

  1. sefeniak says:

    Shoes do say a lot about a person! 🙂

  2. Patti says:

    Love your shoes drawings, I am using them as an inspiration for a picture of my 2yr. old grandson’s hockey skates!

  3. Alison says:

    Duh! of course I can mix fine pencil with charcoal pencil! Thank you for the great tip. The variety of texture makes for a wonderful drawing (in your hands at least). I have always loved your drawings and paintings of footwear.

  4. dezabaleta says:

    Always excellent !

  5. Ross says:

    Being a fan of both pencil and shoes (as drawing subjects), I love this… you even managed to make the shoes look like a reasonably matching pair, which is always a challenge with shoes.
    After you recommended the 9B Cretacolor pencil previously, I dutifully bought one… a whole tin in fact (this is a very expensive blog to follow some times!). It is not bad but I am still trying to decide whether I prefer it to the Steadtler Mars Lumograph 8B which I found at about the same time and which has a similar feel.

  6. Lee Kline says:

    Those shoes were really made for walking. Well done.

  7. croquedessin says:

    I like this drawing so much, is it a study for a future painting ?

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