Do you try to challenge yourself when you draw? For me, people drawing is something I need to work on. It took two years of daily sketching to work up the courage to ask one of my students to pose for me. During lunch hour students are always hanging around eating their sandwiches outside my office but I’ve always been a bit self-conscious to ask someone to be my model. It’s much easier to sit in a café and draw people at other tables even if you run the risk that they get up and leave. I picked Quincy because he’s a dancer who is used to being on stage and I figured he could hold a pose for a little while. The paper in my sketchbook doesn’t take well to layers of wash so I messed up the side of his face but I’m glad I challenged myself with this today. Hopefully next time I’ll have a cleaner result.


10 Comments on “Quincy”

  1. suma karveti says:

    Shari, nice work! Good to see you sketch people.I have always enjoyed watching your watercolors on nature.
    Watercolor is an unforgiving medium. But I think Quincy’s sketch turned out nice. I like how you have painted his hair and the color of his head phones. Look forward to see more of your work.

  2. Wayne says:

    Really nice Shari. I also would love to try portraits but am very self conscious. Here is a blog I have been following and studying which has been a great resource. http://www.blogofthebackrun.blogspot.ca

  3. Ross says:

    Good on you for doing this… very brave of you to step out of your comfort zone!
    And a good effort for one of your first portraits… imagine if you did one of these for every student over the next few months. Well… what are you waiting for?

  4. Jane Wright says:

    Lovely, keep asking for models!

  5. Jessie says:

    Oh this really turned out great! I also love the side of his face, it looks like a short beard 🙂
    I have another great inspiration link for you:


    looking forward to more portraits of your students 🙂

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