Under the snow

Under the snow, in a deep pool of murky water, warmed by a ray of sun, I saw a little shoot of new growth emerging from the still frozen ground. But it’s wasn’t this hyacinth. We are still weeks away from flowers this spring. In fact yesterday we set a record for the coldest March 23rd in recorded weather history. And the origin of the hyacinth? Potted in a nursery and purchased in the grocery store.


7 Comments on “Under the snow”

  1. Linda Daily says:

    I really hope spring arrives soon for Montreal and all areas who have suffered such a terrible winter. Your sketch provides a breath of spring in the meantime.


  2. KnitNell says:

    Lovely sketch. I have just killed my one and only hyacinth. It was fine snoozing in the cupboard over the winter but was unimpressed when I took it out and showed it the light. Perhaps I under/over watered it? Or perhaps it preferred life in the cupboard?


  3. Ouch, Shari! next winter, we’re going to have to figure a way for you to come teach workshops in the bay Area and break your winter up a little bit… we’ve had weather in the 70s all week long! 🙂 Myabe that’ll tempt you next year;)?


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