Back wall

It’s near impossible to find something industrial in my suburban neighbourhood so I drove to a nearby commercial area. I realized pretty quickly that even though there’s plenty to draw, there’s no place to park with a good view of the kind of stuff that interests me. I circled back home and the best I could find was this little setup in the back of a big box store. Since the foreground object (pipes) and background (wall) were mere inches apart, I used colour temperature to separate them. The background is a mix of warm cerulean blue and cadmium orange. The pipes have lots of cools: cobalt blue, with a bit of burnt sienna and carmine.


32 Comments on “Back wall”

  1. kari says:

    You always offer such helpful insights into your process–thank you!–and I enjoyed your sketch.

  2. Geoff Bladon says:

    A joyful rendering of industrial sludge. Terrific!!

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. Two wonderful flower offerings followed by some rusty old pipes – but no less attractive or skilful for that! And three in a row with no snow too. Tony

  4. Tracey says:

    Who would have thought and yet it’s wonderful Shari!
    xo Tracey

  5. Carolyn Jones says:

    You turn even the mundane into something beautiful and inspiring!

  6. drawandshoot says:

    Oh, this is wonderful, Shari!
    I love the pops of colour and the meandering shapes. Amazing!

  7. sefeniak says:

    Is it possible that industrial sludge is harder to capture with pen, paper and paint then a bouquet of flowers? Regardless this is amazing.

  8. yousra ahmed nagaty says:

    beautiful ………… give me inspiration 😉 !!!

  9. liz bundle says:

    Super pipes!

  10. What you can do for a “back wall” you turned it into something awesome! Your paintings make me so happy everyday you are so gifted!

  11. melankooli says:

    i’m a sucker for lines and angles, this is great work as always 🙂

  12. Kristiina Sakai says:

    Shari, your skills in SEEING and rendering your subject are astounding and inspiring.
    Thank you for posting your work.

  13. Mary Sanchez says:


  14. Ross says:

    this is so unique and well done…thanks for noting the colors you use, it is really helping me to understand the way different hues interact.

  15. Les says:

    A good demonstration that many prosaic subjects can come to life with the right (skillful) treatment.

  16. Nayeem Asif says:

    everything looks so beautiful when it comes out of your brushes. nice work Shari.

  17. Nathalie says:

    Loved this piece and your insight at separating the background and the subject with cold / warm colors. Merci encore de ce beau partage.

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