Fruit break

There was a blob of leftover paint (Cobalt Violet) on my palette from yesterday’s crocuses which got mixed into today’s wash for cast shadows and again to darken the sides of the tangerine that were facing away from the light. I can see why artists  might like this pigment. The properties that I find so odd (pale, pasty, gummy), if used at the right time, can work to your advantage. For example, when painting yellow in shadow I always darken the paint with its complement, which is purple. Usually I use the tiniest dot of Thalo Purple, but since that’s such a strong colour you have to be very careful not to add too much. Instead it might be worth it to experiment with this Cobalt Violet which I am fairly certain would not overpower the yellow. I think it will take a few more trials though, before I decide if this will be a permanent addition to my palette.


4 Comments on “Fruit break”

  1. Marvey Mueller says:

    I just bought Cobalt Violet after reading your last two blogs. I can’t wait to experiment with the complimentary shadow. I love your tips. You make this so much fun. Thank you.


  2. andre savard says:

    As usual your skifull hand made the tangerine and strawberries realistic. The purple is an excellent comoplement to the worm colors of the fruits.
    Have a nice day.


  3. Mary Sanchez says:

    I never thought of painting tangerine PIECES, just a whole tangerine. Very nice.


  4. I love your sketches. You are so talented!


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