Three circles and two diagonals

After six months of impossibly cold weather I am so thrilled to be outdoors again. Especially if there is a bit of sun. That means that I’m also happy to draw just about anything, including garbage cans and brooms. And since circles and ovals are always so difficult for me these seemed like good drawing practice today.


20 Comments on “Three circles and two diagonals”

  1. dezabaleta says:

    good drawing


  2. Jeff Gold says:

    I love your sense of design. Even with the most common subjects you create a compelling composition. The angle of the cans and the cropping of the nearest one “draw” one right into it. The diagonal brooms add to the feeling of depth and space. Very convincing. Do you ever use a mechanical pencil? What pencils were used for this and what paper? Thanks, as always, for sharing.


    • Thanks so much Jeff.
      I ONLY use a mechanical pencil. This one is my favourite and has been for years. I bought the first one at the MOMA store in NYC. Inside the store there’s a mini MUJI boutique (Japanese chain) and the pencil is from there. The lead is B. I love the pencil so much that every time I go to New York I buy a few more. Just feels great in my hand. I suppose there are others like it made by different manufacturers but I can’t be without this one.
      The paper is the Global Art Materials Handbook journal. Not the watercolour book, just the sketchbook. Great cream paper for drawing, slightly textured and marvelous with pencil.


  3. Suzy Frisbee says:

    I suppose I’m just echoing the above comment, but I think it’s amazing that you can look at, sketch garbage cans and brooms and make a lovely piece of art.


  4. I hope you get lots of sun soon. I love the darks and contrast in your drawing. Bic makes an amazingly reliable, refillable, nice to hold octagonal? Pencil shape pencil at a really really low price.


  5. Ruth says:

    Not only are your ovals and rounds perfect…the straight line of the brooms is bang on as well. What a great eye for shape and composition. Another interesting drawing. You always
    manage to change the mundane into something interesting. As the saying goes ” you turn lemons into lemonade” for our viewing pleasure.


  6. You made a dull subject into a great composition!


  7. So Black-&-White-ly real… Great work… Hats off Shari 😀


  8. Lee Kline says:

    You have a nice way with a pencil, Shari. Lovely drawing.


  9. Ross says:

    Great modelling with the pencil… good depth and the perspective is almost perfect… and the cropping works so well.
    So, it seems that you ventured outside, got as far as the garbage and decided that you needed to go no further… a good lesson in finding interesting subjects where you least expect them.


    • Thanks Ross. I’ve come to realize that good sunlight can make almost everything interesting. On a dull day there is far less for me to paint. On a sunny any old thing looks great.


      • Ross says:

        I agree. Particularly when working in pencil, it is more about the shapes and shadows than the actual subject.


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