Pond and lake

There’s a certain thrill painting outdoors when you have the elements working against you, and I guess that’s what makes it such an adventure. It’s really still too cold to paint outside because of this freezing spring we are experiencing, but I’m trying to get out there anyway and catch some quick impressions despite the frigid winds near the lake. I set up my easel by the pond in Baie d’Urfé, and tried to capture the layers of blue: sky, lake, far pond, near pond. I think my lake section could probably have been a bit darker but I was painting in full sun and that makes it hard to see. Now that I’ve scanned the sketch and see it on screen I may go back in with a light wash to separate the lake from the bit of sky. Or not.


5 Comments on “Pond and lake”

  1. Miz Dee says:

    Wonderful slice of life!

  2. How do you like the Eric Michaels Traveler easel? Am trying to decide on the watercolor pro or the traveler, as I like both the shelf and the palette with tray/cover option. I don’t know anyone who has one of these easels. Advice?

  3. Helen says:

    Lovely Shari as is all your wonderful work. It almost looks like this piece was done on Yupo paper. Was it? If not have you ever tried Yupo – what are your thoughts on it?

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