Alberg 37

There’s a happy buzz of spring in Pointe Claire Village. The ice cream parlour was open, people were riding bikes and of course the sailors at the yacht club were getting their boats ready for launch day on May 10th. Last year I sketched the boats from the outside of the club, but this year I’ve been welcomed to come in and draw anytime, which suits me fine. Today the Capricorn caught my eye. I know nothing about boats but I am told it’s an Alberg 37 fibreglass boat from the 1960s. A real elegant beauty and the first one in line to get into the water this year.


20 Comments on “Alberg 37”

  1. RICHARD émilie. says:

    Comme j’aimerai avoir votre talent!!! merci de me faire rêver….

  2. Mark Guest says:

    Sailboats are some of my favorite subjects, especially when painted by you. Always a pleasure see how you simplify a most assuredly messy scene into an interesting painting. You should barter an afternoon sail for a painting! I am sure you would enjoy both.

    • Thanks Mark. In fact, an afternoon of sailing has been offered! I’m just not sure if I am up to going out on a racing boat. I’m much better on land than on water… I think it will have to be a calm day.

    • Sailboats are high on my list of things to sketch too Mark. Yes, in fact, an afternoon of sailing has been offered. I am much better on land than on water so I guess it will have to be a calm day!

  3. liz bundle says:

    Blimey! that is ever so sharp! yours but also the boat…super lady.

  4. wrightottawa says:

    Carl Alberg designed many of the early fibreglass boats. Having grown up sailing on the North Sea, trained as a marine architect and a career in the US Coast Guard, I’d say he was more than qualified to put together a trustworthy, go anywhere sailboat.

    I’m no fan of jack stands though.

    whoops – you distracted me Shari – shipshape work!

    • Thanks John. I had a wonderful tour of the boatyard with one of the members. He showed me all the boats that were worth sketching, including a beautiful green Alberg 30 which was still covered in tarps. I’ll go back to sketch that one for sure. Happy sailing season to you too.

  5. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. I don’t know anything about boats either – but I know what I like in a good sketch …. and your’s fits the bill in every way. Tony

  6. Beautiful, Shari. One of the joys of the day is to read your blog and see your sketches and watercolors, I learn a lot of what you say, and have encouraged me to paint more outside. Kisses from Madrid, Spain.

  7. Paul says:

    Looks great. How long did it take to do this sketch start to finish, and what sketchbook do you use?

    • This was longer than most days Paul.As you can imagine, drawing the boat took quite some time. I was probably in the boatyard for about 1.5 hours and then I added a few small darks when I got home.
      This is a big sketch. I used both pages of a large Handbook Watercolour journal which is 10.5″ x 8.25″ so the sketch is about 10″ x 17″.

  8. Mary Sanchez says:

    Very exciting to hear about traditions in Quebec. Beautiful boat.

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