Join us in Griffintown

Almost exactly two years ago I sketched the roof of a little house in Griffintown that was sandwiched between two bigger buildings. I didn’t realize it until I read an article in the Montreal Gazette, but this is the oldest house in Griffintown and it was just saved from demolition this week. Coincidentally our Urban Sketchers Montreal Sunday outing is in Griffintown tomorrow, so I thought I’d repost this today (no time to sketch!!). If  you want more details about the sketch outing, find it here. If you want to more about the house, you can read about it here.


7 Comments on “Join us in Griffintown”

  1. Nice drawing, Shari. I am planning to join all of you in Griffintown for the sketchcrawl tomorrow – I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll come prepared for wet weather, but do you know if there is an alternate plan just in case? I know there sometimes is, in case an outdoor sketchcrawl gets rained out or it’s too cold that day. See you soon! – Uma


  2. Tim Mancusi says:

    RE: the oldest house in Griffintown
    Fantastic! Sorry mister developer.


  3. I so admire your discipline and your sketches. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Crane, power lines, and roof tiles; three things I love to sketch; awesome!


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