Little Burgundy

We had single digit temperatures, a dirty sky, and on and off rain but Urban Sketchers Montreal was undeterred. I think that after the interminable winter that seems to be lingering into spring, we were happy to be outdoors. The sketching route involved a trek through Little Burgundy, with stops to sketch the Korean Catholic Mission, some historic sandstone buildings, antique shops along the way and several warm coffee houses. The neighbourhood is like much of the areas south of downtown — cranes and condos developments are the backdrop to the old industrial buildings. There’s much to sketch for the hardy.


13 Comments on “Little Burgundy”

  1. Mary says:

    I love your geometric shapes juxtaposed with your loose fluid brushstrokes 🙂
    You find beauty in art wherever you go Shari. You were all hardy souls sketching today
    and glad you found the coffee shops too. Did you sketch while having your coffee?


    • Thanks Mary. Some people sketched during coffee time. I just added a bit of colour to my sketch. Drying time was very long in the cold today. We were fighting the elements the whole time.


  2. Miz Dee says:

    The colors in this are so cheerful…even in an area that one would not think of as colorful….super impression you give us of Little Burgundy. Enjoy your daily posts so much.


  3. wrightottawa says:

    A dirty sky? One afternoon at the yacht club and you’re talking like a mariner.

    Love the bright colours under that dirty sky btw.


  4. This is a lovely sketch Shari – you get such clarity and depth in your colours.


  5. Rhonda says:

    Hi Shari…..I really enjoy your lovely sketches…I look forward to them every day. How do you mix a sandy beige colour such as the one used in “the castle”? Looking forward to you next piece 🙂


  6. julesmae says:

    Gah! I can’t even believe this “sketch”. And in so little time!!! You’ve captured it perfectly.


  7. liz bundle says:

    WOW! Amazing what your colors did to this – I am in awe! Always am. Especially your marvie sloshy way of handling wall on facing left side of building…with rubbish tube. Also the piling up of near/far buildings, pulling one into the centre. That small central zone at end of street is a gem all in itself.


  8. I love the sketch, but love the story of the sketch crawl even more; the urban sketchers of Montreal truly are a hearty bunch indeed!


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