Drawing Alice

Shortly after completing this drawing I received my daily post from James Gurney’s blog Gurney Journey called “Sketching animals from Life” . It was excellent timing because Gurney is writing an article for International Artist magazine and in his first installment he discusses getting started by drawing sleeping dogs. Since I’ve completed step one, the next installment will be to draw some farm animals. If you aren’t aware of his blog, be sure to check it out. It’s one of the best art blogs out there, and there’s different content every day. Sometimes it’s Gurney’s own drawings but there are also posts about art history, illustration, perception, colour, etc. I learn something new every day from reading it.


10 Comments on “Drawing Alice”

  1. geoff says:

    Speaking of blogs, have a look at parisbreakfasts.com.


  2. liz bundle says:

    Yes I notice Alice is usually asleep…”Jenny’s Thousand Sleeps” is the title of my pile of sketchbooks – a cat. Don’t have a dog – friends do – and oddly find them easier, perhaps because they DO have expressions – ears, eyebrows, mouth, tongue all contribute – cat’s faces are so still. I found learning the key features invaluable, the architecture of the face and body, and using photos for that. Dear Alice! What breed is she, or is that a rude question?! I vote for live and just doing and doing and doing…as for everything. Cows are fabulous to draw!
    GOOD LINK thanks for that.


    • Mrs. P says:

      A perfect compliment to you post. 🙂


    • Alice is only asleep after a very long walk! She’s still a puppy (8 months old) and she’s a yellow lab although she’s from a rescue adoption so I’ve only seen the mom, not the father. The mother is a black lab and I guess the father was a yellow lab. But so far she looks mostly like a yellow lab except she has big floppy ears. She’s a handful and constantly chewing stuff.
      I’ve never tried to draw cats but I imagine they would be hard to draw. Actually I did add a cat into a sketch once. Just not sure if I posted that sketch.
      Yes, cows and goats are next for my sketchbook.


  3. sue sladen says:

    I love Alice. Nicer than the dogs in Istanbul – I see you are following Lenore and Gerry’s blog. Lenore and I are members of the same book club.

    Sue Sladen


  4. tmikeporter says:

    Yes, I’ve been a Gurney follower for several years. Bought his book on Color and Light; an excellent reference. He and the late Thomas Kinkaid were class/work mates.


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