Two birches

If you live in or are planning to be in New York City on May 17, there’s an event that might be worth a visit. It’s called Moleskine City Stories, a live sketch event hosted by Moleskine and featuring some New York Urban Sketchers. There are workshops, opportunities to display your work and Moleskine will also be giving away some sketchbooks. Definitely of interest to sketchers.

As for me, I’m still experimenting with the new paper in my Moleskine. Sketch no. 3 in the book and I’m liking it a little bit better than this first two tries. I’ve learned that I can’t really go back over areas too often, so the colour and value have to be right the first time.


7 Comments on “Two birches”

  1. Moleskin is definitely not my favorite for sketching with watercolor. But you seem to have been able to tackle the challenge successfully.


  2. Fleet Woodley says:

    The light in this is gorgeous. Beautiful neutrals in the birch tree trunks too.

    Your sketch of Alice was so sweet. You also got the turns and wrists of the body too.

    ~ Fleetwood


    • Thanks Fleet! How is it that you always manage to zero in on the one thing that I was trying to do, which in this case was the colour of the birch in shadow. I was working with a triad of primaries so getting a perfectly neutral grey is difficult but I think it did work out. Alice was a good model too!


  3. Love the contrast in wood tones on the trees, and Moleskine seriously needs to do something in DC like they’re doing in NY.


  4. […] questions and comment  – and particularly if anyone else has used the paper (I know that Shari Blaukopf has – she was the first person that I know to use a new book) How do you find […]


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