79 Lafayette

On the past few visits to New York City I’ve been exploring different corners of Brooklyn, which to do properly could take weeks if you want to cover all the different neighbourhoods. I’ve mostly only walked through Fort Greene, which is where, if you go on Saturday morning, you’ll find the Brooklyn Flea. It’s a great place to watch the hipsters choose their wardrobes and furnish their apartments, and if you go at lunch time the food trucks are worth the wait. After the people watching and the eating, I paused for a time on a stoop a short distance from the market, hoping to find a brownstone to sketch, but ended up with a drawing of brick that looks in many ways like the sketch I did of Pearl Paint!


2 Comments on “79 Lafayette”

  1. There’s something to the Brooklyn red brick facade, and you’ve captured it very craftily here. Nicely done, especially that green window shade in the upper right corner – sets the whole piece off nicely.


    • There are certainly no lack of sketching spots in Brooklyn but my family was inside a sports bar watching the Montreal/NY hockey disaster and I didn’t want to wander to far away. I would have loved to sketch one of those tree-lined streets but I was afraid they wouldn’t find me after the game.


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