Spring maple

It’s always a celebration for teachers when end-of-term grading is over. As much as I love teaching, this is an onerous task that has to be completed and when you are in the middle of it it seems like it will never end, but when it’s over there is a huge cloud that seems to have lifted. My celebration was to paint the maple tree at the Baie d’Urfé pond since I haven’t sketched any spring vegetation at all this year. Hooray for spring!


19 Comments on “Spring maple”

  1. Monique says:

    Yes indeed!
    We have a similar maple ..s..out back..wow..such great work..you and mother nature!


  2. Connie Renaud says:

    I just love the ‘spring maple’. Great inspiration.


  3. Ruth says:

    Your painting to celebrate the end of your teaching semester is wonderful. Congratulations to a very busy lady. We all appreciate the daily sketches…enjoy your summer !


  4. andre savard says:

    Shari, the texture of the tree bark is wonderful, I also love the see thru of the sky and the ground vegetation. Excellent.


  5. stillsearching says:

    From one educator to another…Congratulations on completing the monotonous chore of grading those papers! Hallelujah! In addition, the painting is beautiful! I think the light moving along the bark of the tree is my favorite!


    • Halleluhah for sure! I hope your end of year grading is easy too. Have a great summer, if it is starting soon!


      • stillsearching says:

        For me, June 14th will start the summer vacation of the rest of my life! I am retiring! I will miss the children very much but not so much the “other stuff”!

        Enjoy your vacation, too!


      • That is so exciting Laura! If you are a sketcher, I hope you have lots of time to draw and paint. If not, I hope you find the time to do lots of other things that you enjoy!


  6. Lee Kline says:

    You are my ideal for a watercolor artist who knows how to get shadows just right. Enjoy the summer.


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