There’s no shortage of places to paint on the mountain but the classic view is from the lookout at the top, and it seems like all of Montreal was up there today. It was a perfect day in every way — spectacular spring weather, our best ever turnout for USk Montreal (I counted over 30 sketchers!) and all the trees in bloom. The view over the city was cloaked in haze. I tried to sketch it in pencil and watercolour but it was too mushy and soft in the moleskine sketchbook so I added some pen for structure. Thicker Sharpie lines for the foreground and finer Micron lines for the distant view.


6 Comments on “Lookout”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    Hi Shari,

    I appreciate how you have clearly organized a very complex subject. The foreground trees and railing contain the complexity of the cityscape and the buildings and trees alternating in bands across the image give it a clear sense of perspective and depth. As always, I love your handling of the trees. What is the size of the original drawing?


  2. Trish Flanagan says:

    Hi Shari, I very much enjoyed meeting you and Marc, the lovely sketches and the whole thing. I am also interested in the plein air group and would like information about their schedule. Not sure how to contact Marc so if you could forward this I would appreciate it. Thanks.


  3. ann gorgone says:

    Dear Shari: I’ve seen your folding palette several times on your postings. Can you tell me what the name is. It looks like it is metal. Thank you. Ann


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